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Hints/Tips to Surprise Him

On this page you will find hints and tips to surprise that special man in your life! Of course this list isn't complete, so if you have a good hint or tip, and it will be added as soon as possible!


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  Buy tickets to go and see his favourite (Science Fiction) film with him (especially if you can't stand these films yourself, he'll be impressed!)

Take him out to a surprise dinner and pay for it yourself

Buy him giftvouchers for a karting/motorracing/whatever course

Put lots of little post-it notes in his briefcase with 'I love you' written on it

Offer to wash his car for him

Look up in the tv guide when his favourite football/baseball/whatever team is playing and turn the tv on before he even gets close to the remote control

Take him to a theme park (men are really like little children sometimes)

Buy him tickets for a football match of his favourite team (and offer to go with him)

Pay for him to have a full body massage (or give him one yourself if you can!)

Hire a sportscar or a 4 wheel drive for the weekend

Buy all his favourite snacks and beers and allow him to spend a whole evening in front of the tv watching whatever he wants to watch

Book a nice hotel or bed & breakfast for a short weekend break and don't tell him until you get there

Buy him flowers! (Why should it always be the man buying the flowers for the woman!)

Write him a loveletter

If he plays a game (Baseball, Football), go to cheer him on and at the end of the game ask him for an autograph (from Raquel Liliana Lpez)

Resolve to go one whole day without bitching, nagging etc. (from Emmie Schaibly)

Give him a kiss now and then, completely out of theblue, to let him know that you love him (from Ellie Yeomans)

The best thing I've found to really pamper my fiance and show him how loved he is, is to give him a long hot soak in a tub-bubble bath, candles, the whole thing. (from ???)

Prepare a finger food dinner (kabobs, fruit, cheeses) and take him to the beach at night to cook on a habachi and drink some champagne. (From B.B.)

Call your partner at his office, just to say that you miss him and hope that he will have a nice day. the call need not last for more than five minutes, so that he won't be disturbed. this sure will cheer him up.(From Eusebia Dizon)

Buy a black thong (or whatever color) and put it in a little itty bitty box in his briefcase or somewhere he'll find it throughout the day. He'll come home early that night!(From Peter Groenendaal)

Send him an email with a secret message in it. Example: type one line, hit enter, do this through the whole message making sure that the first letter of each line spells out a message you want to send.(From Peter Groenendaal)

Take a racy picture of yourself and place it where he'll find it at work.(From Peter Groenendaal)

Greet him when he comes home wearing only a smile.(From Peter Groenendaal)

Cook his favorite dinner wearing only monkey slippers. Trust me, this works. My husband did this for me and we're still talking about it 2 years later. (From Tracey Graham)

Pack a picnic dinner complete with all his favorites, and take him on a nice relaxing drive to a romantic spot to watch the sunset together. (From KC)

Just out of the blue, give your woman a hug and tell her... "I love you!" (From Tisa Law)

Look at your partner for a second, then give him/her a big smile and a wink without saying a word. It goes along way. (from Scott Novota)

Look him straight in the eyes for a little bit, then tell him you love him and keep looking at him. It means a lot to him, I promise

Send your spouse a small delivery at work letting him know you have special plans for him/her after work and to come straight home. Upon arrival have a special note letting them know that you have just placed him/her on a treasure hunt to find you. Leave poems you makeup or put together sending to different areas of your home or town. Leave little surprises along the way. Let him/her know you'll be waiting for them at the final destination with a rose .( Say a restaurant).. Be creative! You'll have a blast setting it up for your loved one and they will enjoy the hunt for YOU!

Tickles and play (wrestling, etc.) go a long way. They not only always bring a smile to your partner, but they also give the couple a chance to alleviate much of the days stressors.... (Dr. Ken James)

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