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Hints/Tips to Surprise Her


On this page you will find hints and tips to surprise that special lady in your life! Of course this list isn't complete, so if you have a good hint or tip, and it will be added as soon as possible!



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  This is what I did once to my girlfriend. It was in the middle of the week. I got three BIG posters and wrote "I" in the first one, "LUV" on the second one, "U" on the third one. I took 2 of my friends and we went to her house. She was asleep so I called her and told her to look out of the window. She was amazed by what she saw. It was me and my 2 friends holding up the three posters that were big enough for her to see on the 10th floor. From that moment we've never been the same!! (from Omar Sabet, Egypt)

Write several love notes for your girlfriend/wife and hide them in different places like her purse, etc. The next time you see her (assuming she's found all of them) hide red rose buds in all the same places. She'll love it! (from Robert)

Learn to listen to what she is actually saying, not what you think she is saying. Then learn to read between the lines to find out what she really wants. Only then can you do or get her what she really desires.

I did this for my wife. I went out and bought an empty bottle with a cork and special parchment printing paper. On the paper I printed out a poem, rolled it neatly and tightly, and stuck it in the bottle for her. Just place the bottle somewhere where she can see it to peek her interest. (from Jeremy Bishop)

For our 31st wedding anniversary I booked a 3 day stay at a beautiful Victorian Bed & Breakfast without my wife knowing it. I Also arranged to have a large bouquet of her favorite flowers and a chilled bottle of expensive French champagne, along with a little note on each of them telling her of my  love for her, to be delivered and placed in our room just ahead of our arrival. On the day of our anniversary, and unbeknown to her, I had arranged for us to be picked up and driven to a very cozy restaurant by a beautiful white Horse and Carriage, followed by a 30 minute Carriage ride along the water on the way back to our room. Needless to say, she was very surprised. Mostly, I think, by the fact that I had arranged the whole thing and managed to keep it from her! (from Scott)

Buy tickets to go and see her favourite (Romantic) film with her (especially if you can't stand these films yourself, she'll be impressed!)

Take half a day off work and prepare a lovely candlelit dinner for the two of you and surprise her when she gets home

Buy her a giftvoucher for a beautyfarm

Take her on a champagne hot-air balloon trip

Stick a post-it note with 'you are beautiful' on the bathroom mirror where she'll see it first thing in the morning

You'll never go wrong with breakfast in bed

Buy her flowers, but not just because you do so everytime you've had an argument, or every friday or every....

Go on a massage course and surprise her with a good massage

Alternatively, offer to pay for her to have a full body massage

Book a small hotel (or bed & breakfast) somewhere nice for a weekend break and don't tell her until you get there

Pamper her, give her a glass of red wine, offer to run a hot bath for her etc.

Write little poems for her

Put a red rose on her pillow where she'll see it when she goes to bed or first thing in the morning

When she's in a bad mood, kiss/hug her and tell her you love her

Send her a nice card (why not to her office address?)

Have flowers delivered to her

Buy her a make-over session and a photo-session

While you are driving around, stop at a gas station and buy her a rose. She will love you for the spontanity of it. (from Jason Schwefel)

She's having a terrible day and you want to cheer her up. So you write a note, saying, "LIGHTEN up Sweetheart." And put it around a lightbulb. Then give it to her. (from -digs-)

Make a tape of your favorite songs and maybe a little message from you at the end and give it to her to listen to in the car or before she goes to sleep.(from -digs-)

Make a Calendar of pictures of the two of you in it. BONUS: mark down the impt. dates for her and YOU. (from -digs-)

Put together an album of you and her of all the memorable times you spent together.(from -digs-)

EASY TO DO! Make Rice Crispy Squares and cut it out into a heartshape instead of squares.(from -digs-)

Remind her occasionally how beautiful she is, how much do you think about her and most important, tell her how special do you feel while making love to her.(From Tanveer)

You know how things are final when written in stone. Well get a good size rock/stone and carve a saying like "I LOVE (name)!" With a little paper note attached saying, and know it's final cause my feelings are carved in stone. (from -digs-)

if you have a song, sing it to her when on a romantic date (The beach at night is perfect) even if you dont sing well because it would mean alot to her. (from Robert Nichols)

For my girlfriend, I bought a silver platter and had a stuffed heart made. I put the heart on the silver platter and handed it to her. She knew that I was telling her that I was giving her my heart on a silver platter. That won her over more than anything else that I did for her.(from Mick Pletcher)

Give her a surprise phone call at times when she is not expecting you or your phone call. Only say three words -- I Love U. It's really marvellous surprise for a romantic lady.(from Asif Lateef)

My boyfriend lives about 5 hours from me, but we make sure to communicate in some little way nearly everyday. Sometimes he leaves the best messages on my machine saying things like "this is your secret admiror calling" or "congradulations!! you've won the most beautiful woman in the world contest!" It really brightens my day to hear his voice.(from Rebecca)

Look at your partner for a second, then give him/her a big simle and a wink without saying a word. It goes along way.(from Scott Novota)

Here's a lovely little suggestion: show up unexpectedly. One time my boyfriend said that he cannot come to see me the weekend that we planned. His plans got changed suddenly, but nevertheless, even if he did come, he'd see me for only ten minutes (our schedules didn't permit otherwise). I did not expect him, but there was a door bell all of the sudden. When I saw him through the eyepiece my day was already made.(from Yelena)

Create individual coupons with different events, chores, activities (use your imagination) that you will do for her and staple them together with red construction paper front and last pages. (from Baron)

When she is sick, take a can of soup from your house, and show up at her front door, go on in and make her the soup. Make sure she doesn't have to do any work herself. Feed her and make her feel all warm inside; feelings of you and the soup.(from Dave)

one thing that i did for my baby is one morning I went over to her house and while she was sleeping put different flowers everywhere, attatched to each was a pin paper heart. On one side of each heart I wrote what the flower meant and on the other side I wrote how it applies to us.(from Shawn Partridge)

I recently took my wife to the mall with the express purpose of buying her a sexy outfit, complete with a new pair of shoes. It was the most fun I've ever had shopping for clothes. My wife was thrilled with the interest I took in her appearance and the outfit we settled on is now her favorite one (and mine, too!). (from Dough Churchill)

My girlfriend and I exchanged teddy bears that we had when we were little that way during the night we can wake up and it's almost like having them there. (from Bodegaguy)

Call her time to time and tell her how much you miss her with feelings, fantasies if she is there with you. Send flowers ,candy and poems. (from David Gan)

Make her lunch and put a silly note on the outside of the paper bag.(from Janet Sheldon)

Brush her hair gently(from Liz)

Send your spouse a small delivery at work letting him know you have special plans for him/her after work and to come straight home. Upon arrival have a special note letting them know that you have just placed him/her on a treasure hunt to find you. Leave poems you makeup or put together sending to different areas of your home or town. Leave little surprises along the way. Let him/her know you'll be waiting for them at the final destination with a rose .( Say a restaurant).. Be creative! You'll have a blast setting it up for your loved one and they will enjoy the hunt for YOU!

Tickles and play (wrestling, etc.) go a long way. They not only always bring a smile to your partner, but they also give the couple a chance to alleviate much of the days stressors.... (Dr. Ken James)

Keep all receipts for about 5 months.( bus tickets,lunch dates,cards she gives you, ANYTHING relating to her or time that you spent together. Place everything in a scrap book and write next to the ticket or receipt etc. what happened, (even if its just a small thing to her it will mean a lot) It's sort of like a romantic Journal, and when you have finished present it to her..... ( I'm doing this for our wedding night.) (Clint Baker)

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