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18 January: The Scot Who Served Hawaii's Kings
15 February: The Crown and a Great Depression
15 March: Fred to Wed, and Other Young Royal Romances
05 April: Repost: Kirking the Windsors
19 April: Britain's Royals and America's Presidents
17 May: How Their Gardens Grew - Part I
21 June: Philip and Elizabeth's Wartime Service... and Romance
19 July: How Their Gardens Grew - Part II
17 August: The Dilemma of the Duke of York

20 January: Tracing Kate's Family Tree
17 February: The Spencer's Royal Stuart Ancestors
16 March: A Royal Christening?
20 April: Family Milestones
25 May: Tempests in Royal Teapots
22 June: The Order of St. George and the Garter
27 July: Post-Modernism and the Second Elizabeth Era
17 August: "Who's on First?" - Britain's Order of Succession
21 September: A Dukedom for Harry?
26 October: Royal Saints of the British Crown
16 November: Prince of Creative Anachronism
25 December: Of Jesse's Lineage coming

22 January: Edgar's Heirs
27 February: The Next Coronation?
19 March: God Save Helen Mirren!
15 April: A Visit to the Old Dominion
21 April: Let's Give Them Time and Space
20 May: Prince Harry Stays & The Queen Sits
18 June: "The Apple Cart"
15 July: The Windsor Dynasty Turns 90
19 August: Diana
16 September: Prince Philip's Family
21 October: The Crown and the Countryside
18 November: Of Fires and Festivities
16 December: Elizabeth the White

15 January: The Reyes Feast of New Mexico
19 February: King William IV & All the King's Kids...
19 March: Once Upon a Time
16 April: Be it Long or Short...
21 May: The King's "Companion"
18 June: Philip the Dane
09 July: Some Miscellanies and Errata
20 August: Former Wives Tales
17 September: Return of the Empress
22 October: The Strathmore Cousins
19 November: Seventy Years after the Abdication
17 December: Some Timely and Seasonal Thoughts

16 January: Intergenerational Royals
20  February: The Ghost of Divorces Past
20 March: Unlocked Mysteries? Tidbits on Royal Genetics, and Secret Weddings
16 April: The Embodiment of Papacy
15 May: King Tut and the Dreamcoat Tribe
19 June: Stumbling into Routine?
17 July: Harry Potter, and the Treasures of Edinburgh Castle
21 August: Reciting the Lineage
18 September: The House and Family of Windsor
16 October: Britain's Hanoverian Connection
20 November: Elizabeth II, Defending the Faith
18 December: The Cinderella Factor

21 March: The New Matriarch
18 April: Tartan Time
16 May: The Once and Future Windsors
20 June: Kirking the Windsors
18 July: Thirty-five Years After Caernarvon
15 August: When The Queen Bowed
19 September: No Two Children Have The Same Parents
17 October: Can the Monarchy Afford Britain?
21 November: The Queen and the Presidents
19 December: A Winter's Grail Tale

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