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On this page you will find links to the history related pages of the Unofficial British Royal Family site:

British Royal Flags And Standards
Family Tree from HM Queen Victoria to HM Queen Elizabeth II
Royal Dynasties since 802
Royal Profiles about current and past royals
Royal Timeline (sorted by month)
Royal Timeline (sorted by year)
The Rise And Fall Of The Mighty Crown
Wives of King Henry VIII
The Queen's Peers
Protectors and Regents of England
The men who would not be King
English Royal Heraldry
The Windsor Dynasty Turns 90 NEW!

Royal Dynasties Since 802

  802 - 1066 Anglo-Saxons (no dynasty) Egbert, King of Wessex, Ethelwulf, Ethelbald, Ethelbert, Ethelred, Alfred the Great, Edward the Elder, Athelstan, Edmund I, Edred, Edwy, Edgar, Edward II the Martyr, Ethelred II the Unready, Sweyn, Edmund II Ironside, Canute the Great, Harold Harefoot, Hardicanute, Edward III the Confessor, Harold II, Edgar Atheling
1066 - 1154 House of Normandy William I the Conqueror, William II Rufus, Henry I Beauclerc, Stephen
1154 - 1216 House of Angevin Henry II Curtmantle, Richard I Coeur de Lion, John Lackland
1216 - 1399 House of Plantagenet Henry III, Edward I Longshanks, Edward II, Edward III, Richard II
1399 - 1461 House of Lancaster Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI
1461 - 1470 House of York Edward IV
1470 - 1471 House of Lancaster Henry VI
1471 - 1485 House of York Edward V, Richard III
1485 - 1603 House of Tudor Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Jane, Mary I, Elizabeth I
1603 - 1649 House of Stuart James I, Charles I, Charles II
1649 - 1660 No monarchy
1660 - 1714 House of Stuart Charles II, James II, Mary II, William III, Anne
1714 - 1901 House of Hanover George I, George II, George III, George IV, William IV, Victoria
1901 - 1910 House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Edward VII
1910 - ... House of Windsor George V, Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II

Wives of King Henry VIII

Catharine of Aragon (1485 - 1536): Widow of Henry's brother Arthur. Mother of Queen Mary. Marriage annulled.

Anne Boleyn (1507 - 1536): Maid of honour to Catherine of Aragon. Mother of Queen Elizabeth I. Beheaded.

Jane Seymour (1509 - 1537): Lady-in-waiting to both Catherine and Anne. Died from complications after giving birth to Edward (King Edward VI). Henry VIII is buried alongside her at Windsor.

Anne of Cleves (1515 - 1557): Daughter of John, Duke of Cleves, from western Germany. Marriage annulled.

Catherine Howard (1522 - 1542): Beheaded because of extra-marital affairs.

Katherine Parr (1512 - 1548): Survived King Henry VIII.


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