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Copenhagen Post: Prince's IOC bid all but certain new (18-Aug-2009 - Hits: 108)
Earth Times: Danes back crown prince as candidate for Olympic committee new (16-Aug-2009 - Hits: 117)
Examiner: Royalty 101: Who is the Danish royal family? new (17-Aug-2009 - Hits: 851)
Hello: Mary of Denmark's new home is fit for a queen after a �13-million... new (20-Aug-2009 - Hits: 145)
Hello: Prince Joachim crosses paths with ex-wife at Madonna gig new (15-Aug-2009 - Hits: 1054)
HeraldSun: Mary's Prince Frederik up for IOC new (14-Aug-2009 - Hits: 160)
M&C: Prince Frederik to join IOC new (15-Aug-2009 - Hits: 143)
Melbourne Herald Sun: Princess Mary's home gets $28m renovation new (16-Aug-2009 - Hits: 484)
Royalblog: Prince Frederik up for IOC membership new (14-Aug-2009 - Hits: 233)
Danish Monarchy: New official pictures of the little Prince pop (25-Jul-2009 - Hits: 1314)
Royal Blog: Christian gives Mary & Frederik hand full pop (28-Jul-2009 - Hits: 1164)
AP: Denmark's newest prince christened Henrik (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 209)
Berlingske: Christening guest list (in Danish) (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 180)
Berlingske: Photos of christening (in Danish) (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 362)
Copenhagen Post: King Canute to stay put (1-Aug-2009 - Hits: 249)
Copenhagen Post: New Henrik christened for royal family (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 298)
Copenhagen Post: Royal baptism gets TV2 cold shoulder (25-Jul-2009 - Hits: 558)
Copenhagen Post: Royal remains are thorny religious subject (30-Jul-2009 - Hits: 482)
Danish Monarchy: Christening in M�gelt�nder Church 26th of July 2009 (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 292)
Danish Monarchy: The Royal Baptismal Font and the Royal Christening Set (25-Jul-2009 - Hits: 747)
DR: Christening video clip 1 (in Danish) (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 276)
DR: Christening video clip 2 (in Danish) (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 166)
Getty Images: Royal Christening Of Prince Of Denmark (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 941)
Hello!: Mary and Frederik of Denmark have their hands full on a day out... (30-Jul-2009 - Hits: 1028)
Hello: A secret shared: Marie & Joachim christen their little prince Henrik (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 1033)
Hello: Crown Princess Mary holds her own with the fashion crowd as she t... (8-Aug-2009 - Hits: 966)
Herald Sun: New Princess Mary digs fit for a king (9-Aug-2009 - Hits: 943)
M&C: New Danish prince named Henrik in christening ceremony (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 84)
M&C: New palace for Princess Mary (11-Aug-2009 - Hits: 678)
M&C: Prince Henrik christened (29-Jul-2009 - Hits: 399)
Royal Blog: Danish Prince: Henrik Carl Joachim Alain (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 218)
The Age: Denmark's newest prince christened (27-Jul-2009 - Hits: 80)
The Mercury: Palace fit for king and queen (9-Aug-2009 - Hits: 811)

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